Super Bowl Parties: Team Cocktail Flags


{Update: Since I first posted these cocktail flags in 2010, they’ve gotten a lot of attention – and since I love everything football and food, I’ve combined all my football recipes and party projects over at The Football Foodie. Please join me there! }

Hope you’re enjoying our Super Bowl week – if you haven’t read ‘em already, the previous posts are: Football Geek and Miami Chic.

I’m pushing our food and drink post until tomorrow so that I can show you a super easy project you can whip up in time for the game: these cute and super easy Saints and Colts Cocktail Flags (or drink stirrers).

super bowl drink flags

Of course, if you’ve got a few Photoshop skills, you can put anything you want on your stirrers. In the interests of being simple (and not causing any NFL licensing issues!) I choose just the simple logos on a standard triangle-shaped flag.

super bowl team cocktail flags 2

Putting them together couldn’t be easier:

  • Cut bamboo skewers down to your desired size; use the cups you’ll be serving drinks in to measure.
  • Print the flags on a lighter weight cardstock (80# worked great). As a reference for those designing your own, these are 3″ wide x 2″ high triangles, so I made diamond shapes that are 6″ x 2″. To use my design, see the note about the template below.
  • Cut out your flags, making sure to stay within any guidelines so they don’t show on the final product.
  • Wrap the cut flag around the skewer and press down a bit so that the cardstock begins to take the shape.
  • Put a few small dabs of glue on the part of the flag that will wrap around the stick, insert the stick and glue the two sides together – line them up perfectly.
  • Let dry and you’re good to go.

I hope you like them! If you’d like to use my template, head on over to The Football Foodie for the download.

See you back here tomorrow for more Super Bowl goodies!


  1. Denise Richardson says:

    I would love the template!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I’d love to use your template! What a great idea! Thanks!

  3. I would appreciate the template, nice idea! Thanks!

  4. love the idea for top pick toppers. I would love your template. Thank you for your generosity!

  5. LOVE these flags and definitely interested in the template!

  6. If you have a minute, I would LOVE a copy of your template! Thanks!

  7. LOVE this; just found out I am hosting the Super bowl party (don’t you love husbands) and this would be so cute!

  8. Hi Nancy and Mickey! Just wanted to point out that I posted the templates for this year’s flags – Packers and Saints – on Monday. If you still want the Saints and Colts, let me know and I’ll email them to you.

  9. I downloaded this years flags … have a Packer fan son in law. But the rest of us are Colts fans … could you still send me the Colts flag template …. in preparation for next year!!?? Thanks much!!!

  10. I love the template, if you don’t mind emailing! Thank you!

  11. I love this idea! If you could email me the template that would be great!! Thanks so much in advance

  12. Drink flags are the latest rage at parties and weddings! Thank you!!!!

  13. These are great! Could you please email me the template? I would like to make some Tarheel flags! Thank you!

  14. Saints fan! I need these! Thanks so much! :)

  15. I LOVE these! If you could email me the template that would be awesome! thank you!


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