DIY Mixed Metallics & Naturals Placecard / Favor Boxes

Have you been following our Winter Wedding Tabletop Challenge on Floridian Weddings? All five of our lovely holiday-themed tabletops are now on display – including my own Mixed Metallics & Naturals table that was shown today.


I really love how everything turned out – the mix of gold, silver, copper and bronze shining against the natural elements of wood, kraft paper and greenery. It really captured that warm, rustic/modern, romantic feeling I was going for… with the shiny pop of metals to keep it modern and holiday-oriented.


My favorite detail is definitely the place card/favor box, which combines all four metal shades with the natural/rustic elements: brown kraft paper box, skeleton leaves, and romantic, copper-hued calligraphy. They are easy to make, so I thought you might appreciate a little DIY tutorial!

DIY: Mixed Metallics & Naturals Placecard / Favor Boxes


You’ll need:

  • Brown kraft boxes that fit your favors (mine are 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 2″ boxes from Paper Mart)
  • Wide silver ribbon (mine is 1.5″ from Michael’s)
  • Gold cording (mine is also from Michael’s) – cut into lengths that will wrap once around your box
  • Gold, copper and bronze metallic skeleton leaves (available at craft stores or from Save-on-crafts)
  • Glue gun and sticks – low heat is best
  • Scissors
  • Silver cardstock (I’m using ‘shimmer silver’ card stock from Paper Source) and a printer or pens for the place cards


1. First, either hand write or print out your names for the place cards onto a shimmery silver paper… then cut them, freeform, into leaf shapes. Size for each tag should be about the same as your skeleton leaves.

2. Using the glue gun and small swipes of glue, attach a larger leaf behind the tag, and a smaller one (in a different shade) to the front, sandwiching the tag in between the two leaves. Make sure to offset the top leaf slightly so that the name is readable.


3. Flip the bunch over, and apply a decent drop of glue to ‘stem’ area, just a bit up from the end… then press the end of the gold cording into the glue and let it set.

4. Once it’s cool, flip the bunch over to the front and apply a thickish line of glue on the stem end – the same length as two widths of the cord you’re using. Then wrap the gold cord around twice, and press into the glue. Let it set until it’s secure.


5. Now, for the box: tie the wide silver ribbon around the box and secure with a knot (or, if you prefer, a bow) as shown. Cut the ends to reach about the edges of the box; an easy way to get the triangle shape is to fold the ribbon inward, as shown, and cut at a downward angle.


6. Unfold and admire your gorgeous little ribbon end.


7. To finish up: slip the cut/free end of the cord under the ribbon’s knot, pulling the tag up against the knot, and wrap once around the box. Tuck the end underneath the ribbon and secure with a small dab of hot glue. And you’re done!


Hope you like! Don’t forget to check out my post on Floridian Weddings for more photos of the table, details, and sources. And while you’re there, feast your eyes on the gorgeous tables from Chevrons & Stripes, Urban Flip Flops, The Things We Didn’t Buy, and i like it. i love it.


  1. Am thrilled to have found your lovely blog! These metallics-and-naturals items are just gorgeous. Had to share your link on our FB wall!


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